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Most Affordable and High Quality Thesis/Dissertation Proofreading Service

You worked hard, burnt the midnight oil, and sacrificed so many weekends in your life to complete the Thesis/Dissertation. Little did you know that lack of professional proofreading can hurt the credibility of your work. Your writing has to be clear and fluid, if there are language errors or structural flaws, eventually you will fail. Don’t have the energy to rework? Rather than giving up, give your thesis/dissertation to us! Avail our thesis/dissertation proofreading service and secure your future.

For over 15 years, Essay Typist has been helping thousands of scholars. Founded with the mission to offer the most reliable essay help in the UK, the USA and the rest of the world, we have become a name synonymous with quality when it comes to academic writing. Our team of subject experts has now become the #1 choice for thesis/dissertation writing and editing

We have helped students from 20 academic disciplines including STEM, humanity, business, and more. Each member is our team is selected after undergoing a stringent qualification test. The robust testing and comprehensive checklists enabled us to offer top-notch thesis/dissertation paper proofreading services. Contact us now and share your work to avail quality help at a price you won’t believe.

Essential guidelines for proofreading of Thesis/Dissertation

Are you tempted by automated editing software? This might help to verify the basic errors but you can’t rely solely on them. No AI is advanced enough to tell that the evidence shared in the work is not impressive enough or the transition between paragraphs is looking inconsistent. You need to manually proofread the papers for final refining. Our experts suggest a few tips on proofreading of thesis/dissertation:

  1. First write, then edit. Don’t do both simultaneously.
  2. Self-evaluation is good but don’t forget to take peer reviews.
  3. Divide each chapter into sub sections. 
  4. Re-read the paper thrice to find different sorts of errors.
  5. Running short of time? Get expert help.

Reviewing your work need a fresh pair of eyes. It is best to seek peer recommendations. Besides, getting quality help from professionals is also great in case you are seeking urgent help. Essay Typist is a trusted name to get affordable proofreading of thesis/dissertation service.  We have exclusive deals and discounts to make quality guidance even more affordable.

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Can You Improve Your Grammar With Thesis/Dissertation Proofreading Services?

ESL students often struggle due to their lack of knowledge of the language. No matter how interesting is the research topic, they fail to impress the supervisors because of too many errors. Therefore, a unique parameter is required to check every sentence of your thesis/dissertation. Not sure how to do that? Avail proofreading help from the experts. 

Essay Typist has been offering thesis/dissertation and essay writing services to students from arts, science, social sciences and business disciplines. Owing to our profound expertise we are able to help students in various ways. For instance, ordering from the professionals is helpful in improving:

  • Grammar: We learn from our mistakes is indeed a true saying. We proofread the papers using the track changes feature and help you understand the mistakes in grammar and semantics. Keep reviewing the basics with our help and in no time, even the ESL students can learn the grammar rules. 
  • Language: To make your work even more elaborate you need to pick the right spellings. British and US English have many fundamental differences. Knowing all of it might not be possible. To overcome the language barrier, you can hire us and share your preferences. We will change the spellings or word choices to transform the work into your preferred version of the English language. 
  • Tone: A scholarly voice is hard to achieve when you lack critical thinking skills. In case your work sounds biased, you need to work on your tone. Feedback like this often confuses students. Not sure how to do that? Pick every word that is suffixed with a generalization or emotional language. It sounds difficult and time consuming to set the tone right. For an unbiased and critical academic tone, you can rely on us as we are offering thesis/dissertation and essay writing help for over a decade now. 
  • Style: A thesis/dissertation is a long piece of writing which involves certain factors such as style, tone and presentation. To make it look good, you need to be very careful about the structure and the format. Not sure if the style you choose is impressive enough. Contact us and get a free quote right now. We can guide you on the American Psychological Association (APA style), the Modern Language Association (MLA style) and the Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago style).

How Fast Are Our Phd Proofreading Services Help?

Time management is the key to success for PhD candidates. It is expected that you plan ahead and dedicate plenty of time for proofreading and editing. Students who don’t have enough time for proofreading seek our guidance as we are recognized as the fastest service for thesis/dissertation and essay writing and proofreading services

•    Within a week: A complete 30000 words PhD thesis/dissertation can be checked by our proofreaders within 5 working days. The return times may vary based on the guidelines given by your supervisors. 

•    Within two days: A complete master’s thesis/dissertation can be checked by our team of experts within two days. Although the help is subject to extra charges due to emergency services.  

We try to employ the most qualified subject experts and language experts to check your papers. Our efficiency depends on the clear set of guidelines given by you. So make sure you are ready with your own checklist before approaching us. Our express services are trusted by thousands of students who couldn’t find a difference between UK, US and Australian English. If you are an ESL student, then Essay Typist can be your lifesaver.

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What’s included in our Thesis/Dissertation Proofreading Services?

Our full-suite proofreading services include the following:

  • Spellcheck
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Tone and style
  • Vocabulary
  • Sentence structure
  • Presentation 
  • Language check

We would use the “track changes” functionality to share the errors in your paper. Based on the language preferences, we can check the spellings, grammar and overall tone. It is up to you to select or reject the suggested changes.

Order from The Fast and Affordable Thesis/Dissertation Proofreading Services

Your journey of thesis/dissertation writing took longer than expected. Now you are looking for a fast and reliable service that can get you back on track. End your search with Essay Typist, which is the most affordable service of thesis/dissertation and essay help. The outstanding service can now be availed at a discounted price. Get in touch with us to know more about the ongoing bonuses and deals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Along with the structure and organization, a thesis/dissertation should be checked thoroughly for the evidence used and the overall tone. All these and many more checklists should be a part of the comprehensive proofreading services offered by a company. Essay Typist fulfils the criteria discussed here. To learn more about our full suite proofreading and editing services, get in touch with us.

Essay Typist is the most credible entity offering assignment writing services to thousands of students. Every week we get queries on urgent submissions. Therefore we expanded our team and make sure that we never miss a deadline. We work round the clock, which means you can expect help from us even on a weekend.

While writing a thesis/dissertation, you have multiple meetings with your research supervisor. Make note of every feedback they gave. Using the feedback you can prepare a checklist on your own. Apart from that, you need to check every paragraph, every subheading, and every chapter to check a few important things, such as language, redundancy, academic tone and sentence structure. If you need more guidance, contact Essay Typist that has been offering assignment writing help for over a decade now.

Yes, Essay Typist is the most preferred name for Essay help in Australia and New Zealand. Besides, students from the rest of the world also order from Essay Typist. Our academic expertise enabled us to offer quality services which also include proofreading and editing of thesis and Dissertation. We rendered services for master’s and PhD thesis/dissertation and can surely guide you.

Reading and reviewing 15000 words in just two days sounds impossible if you are doing it on your own. Maybe you can read the entire thesis within hours but it won’t assure that you have identified every possible limitation. To get it done quickly, the best way is to get professional help. They have a vast team of editors and proofreaders who make sure to never miss a deadline.