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Why editing is so important? You must have already got the answer in the form of negative feedback from your tutor. When you submit a paper without proofreading or reviewing it like a critic, it impacts your credibility. Essays are supposed to be carefully drafted academic pieces of writing where the overall paper flows in a determined direction. The smooth flow and organization of thoughts can only be ensured if you review them thoroughly before submission. Time crunched students hardly realize the importance of editing. Why compromise your grades just because you don’t have time to be a critic of your own work. Share your concerns with us and attain our essay editing services.

The secret ingredients in a strong essay are:

  • Eye catchy title
  • Strong thesis statement
  • Crisp introduction
  • Coherent arguments
  • Relevant evidence
  • Strong vocabulary

The highly qualified essay editors at Essay Typist can help you get the ingredients that are lacking in your writing style. We are recognized as a reliable entity offering assignment writing services for more than a decade now. PhD experts from top universities are part of our team. Their experience and knowledge enabled us to deliver confidence. Our essay editing services are reasonably priced. Get in touch and avail the qualities that make your essay a ‘good essay’.

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How to edit an essay?

When you are done preparing the rough draft, the next step is to edit it thoroughly. A checklist can be of great help when editing your own write-up.

  • Take a break: Editing right after you are done writing is not a good idea. Have a break and then return to find flaws in your writing. 
  • Editing checklist: Begin with a checklist to rate your work based on the assignment specifications, grammar and punctuation, referencing style and word limit. You need to be sure that the questions asked by the tutors are properly addressed in the essay. Make sure that the in-text citation and bibliography are prepared cautiously. Find out if there are any spelling mistakes, punctuation errors or flaws in the semantics. 
  • Evidence reviewing: The credibility of an essay depends on the type of evidence used. Make sure the references you selected are relevant, recent and credible. 
  • Feedback: When you are done polishing the essay, you may still want to re-read it to identify if the structure, flow, tone and organization are up to the mark. Getting help from a friend might be useful. When someone else reviews your work, you may get a better perspective of your writing flaws.

If you don’t have peers who can give honest and useful opinions about your essay, you can share the drafts with us. We are recognized as the top-rated essay help agency where qualified experts can quickly check and suggest ways to improve your writing skills as well as your grades. 

What is the benefit of hiring essay proofreading services?

Academic life is full of struggles. Most students pursuing higher education at universities are already experiencing burnout because of back to back assignments. When so many papers are due at the same time, it becomes tough to find time to thoroughly read the essay multiple times and find flaws in it. Hiring the experts is totally worth it. You can attain the benefits listed below when you seek expert guidance for essay editing. 

  • Compelling writing style
  • High scores
  • Time saving
  • Learning tool
  • Peace of mind   

Experts enable you to recognize the pitfalls in your writing style. With every order, you can learn a new thing and improve yourself. When an essay editor is working on your rough draft, you can save up to 5 hours of time which can be dedicated to other important things. A professionally edited essay is also recommended by students because they notice improvements in their grades and overall academic performance. 

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What type of essays can we edit?

We have become the #1 choice for essay writing services as we have a large team of qualified academic writing experts onboard. Students can count on us to write and edit all kinds of essays, including:

  • Expository and narrative essay
  • Argumentative essay
  • Cause and effect essay
  • College admission essay
  • Scholarship essay
  • Personal statement essay
  • Reflection essay 

What’s included in our essay editing and proofreading services?

All sorts of ‘edit my essay’ requests are answered by the highly qualified team of Essay Typist.

  • Punctuation: Those tiny punctuation marks play a key role in adding clarity to your thoughts. Not sure which commas and semicolons you missed, let us help. 
  • Grammar: Resist the urge of using a proofreading software to identify grammar mistakes. They are not 100% accurate. You might need human expertise to identify the misused words and flaws affecting the readability. 
  • Essay Structure: It is obvious to have an intro, body and conclusion part in an essay. Still, transitions and citations are some challenging parts. We can guide you to overcome your fear.  
  • Academic style: Your tone and word selection should be reflecting your ability to critically think and analyze evidence. Not sure how to attain the required credibility in your tone, get in touch with us. 
  • Learning Outcomes: Apart from grammar check and punctuation check, our team of essay experts also makes sure that the final draft matches the given specification. 

Essay Help

Why do students prefer our essay proofreading service?

Our essay writing expertise has been gained over a decade. We can confidently take your essay to next level. Thousands of students rely on our team to match their academic objectives because:

  • Vast academic specialization
  • Timeliness guaranteed
  • UK/US English guidance
  • Custom quality essay help
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Unlimited and free revisions
  • Affordable price
  • 100% plagiarism free
  • Safe and confidential service

Get credible essay writing help at an affordable price

“The overall structure is not impressive enough, there are so many grammatical mistakes, and the arguments you selected are not in sync with your expression of ideas.” Don’t want to receive comments like this in your next essay assignment? Relax, let our essay coaches guide you. We are recognized as the most credible Essay Help in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. University scholars have faith in our skills and professionalism. For timely guidance and affordable services, request a right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drafting the arguments and evidence in a single paper is only half the job done. The most important part of the assignment is to proofread the essay thoroughly. When you hire professionals you are sure that the essay is going to be free from errors. The language, tone and flow would be just right. There will be no chance of marks deduction due to silly mistakes. Besides, experts allow you to be better at time management. Therefore, hiring an essay coach is totally worth it.

It might take you hours and hours to review an essay that you wrote over the weekend. However, experts are trained professionals who can quickly solve your worries. In 12 hours or less than that, you can get your rough draft delivered as a strong and coherent piece of writing. For faster turnaround times, Essay Typist is a reliable choice. Order now.

The prices for professional essay writing may vary depending on certain aspects, such as the length of the essay, the subject and the deadline. On average, the price starts from $5 and may go up. If you want to save money on essay writing services, choose one that offers discounts and deals to match the student budget.

Dedicate some time to brainstorm ideas around the decided timeline. You have to be careful about choosing the thesis statement. Begin with drafting the rough ideas first and leave the introduction for the last. Filling in the body with paragraphs can be done quickly if you have prepared an outline earlier. Then you can end your writing by adding conclusion and intro paragraphs. Next comes the important part of editing. Not sure how will you be able to identify errors in your writing. Get help from a fresh set of eyes. Essay Typist offers the most affordable essay editing services.

Essay Typist is a team of qualified academic experts. Their unswerving attention to quality and timeliness has made them a preferred entity for online assignment writing guidance. If you want help with the essay title, essay outline, essay draft or essay editing, you can count on their team. Essay Typist guarantees satisfaction by offering unlimited and free revision. If you want to get the benefit of professional help then Essay Typist is the right choice.