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How To Write A Research Proposal That Will Get Approved

A research proposal is a significant part of the dissertation that is a simple formal document that shows what you are going to research in the dissertation. In simple words research proposal act as a blueprint and guide for the research plan that helps the student to get organized and be confident in the way that they choose for the research. Writing the research proposal at the present time is a difficult task due to continuously changing trends in the qualitative research design and the requirement to include medical developments in the methodology. Even in the present time, many post-graduate students do research proposal writing in their academics. As the research proposal shows the aim of the dissertation makes it one of its important parts. Sometimes due to a lack of understanding and time, students face difficulty in writing the research proposal. So to help students in writing a research proposal that can get approved by the professors here in this article we have mentioned some tips this will surely help the students in their academic writing

Purpose of research proposal

The purpose of writing a research proposal is to reflect the value of the assignment to the reader. In this students need to prove that for doing the assignment they have a proper plan and the assignment will be successful. In this students need to make readers believe that the research they are going to conduct is not useless but is useful research that will be important for further studies. With this, the main aim of the research proposal is to assure the readers that the specific research that they are going to do is worthwhile. The research proposal aims to cover the following things:

  • Relevance: Convincing the readers that the assignment is interesting, original and important for the research area where the students are working.
  • Context: Showing familiarity with the research area. Under this students have to show that they know the current scenario and have knowledge of the literature.
  • Approach: In this students have to explain the methodology and represent the methods and data are idea about well.
  • Feasibility: In this students have to write about the practical side of the assignment. In this students also provide confirmation that the assignment will complete with the limitation of the program and university for which they are working.

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Format of research proposal

Title page

Just like the thesis or dissertation, the research proposal generally consists of a title page that carries the following things:

  • The proposed title of the assignment
  • Name of the student
  • Name of the professor
  • Name of the department and institution

With this, if the research proposal is very long you can also add the table of contents and abstract to help the readers in navigating.


An introduction is considered the initial pitch of any assignment so make sure that the introduction of your research proposal is successful in explaining what you are going to do in your research and why. The introduction should include:

  • Introduction of the topic
  • Provide background and context of research
  • State the research questions and problem statement

Literature Review

A literature review can be defined as the sources of scientific pieces of evidence that are related to the research topic. A literature review help in reflecting the readers that the assignment has strong roots in existing theory or knowledge. It also helps in representing that you are not repeating the same things that other people have already done but using it as for showing your own point of view. In this, part write do critique article writing and share how your assignment will contribute to the ongoing research of the area by:

  • Doing comparison and contrast of main methods, theories, and debates
  • Showing the weakness and strengths of different approaches
  • Demonstrating how will you create, synthesize or challenge prior research

Research Design

Research design brings the focus back to the assignment. This section describes the practical steps and overall approach that you are going to take to answer the research questions.

Contribution to knowledge

To end your proposal on an effective note, explore the latent consequences of your research in your area. Again highlight the aim that you want to contribute and why it is significant. For instance, the results of the research can provide implications for:

  • Challenging a scientific or famous belief
  • Strengthening a model or theory
  • Using best practices
  •  Making a basis for research that is going to conduct in future
  • Talking about the decision of policymaking

Reference List

Last but one of the most important sections of every academic assignment is the reference list. Make sure that you include a reference list in your assignment with correct citations.

The above-mentioned points will surely help you in writing a qualitative research proposal. In case you will difficulty writing the assignment you can take assignment writing help from the experts. 

Conclusive Statement

Hope the above article will help you with the best research proposal writing. With this in case, you feel difficulty in writing the research proposal or need expert suggestions. Contact Essay Typist and get the best assignment writing services at affordable prices.


What is the significance of research proposal writing in dissertations?

The research proposal writing aims to describe the research that you want to conduct, what it is on, how will you do the research and why it is meaningful. From the research proposal, the reader gets an idea of the dissertation and how it is going to conduct.

What are the two main aims of the research proposal?

The two main aims of the research proposal are to justify and present the requirement to study the research problem and to show the practical ways in which the proposed research should be done. 

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