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Essay Writing Tips – 10 Tips to Write the Perfect Essay

Are you still dreading the impending doom, of your essay submission deadline? You perhaps are in peril thinking about how you are going to present a relevant and high-scoring essay. We agree essay writing can be a tough feat, especially for beginners. There isn’t any shortcut to writing the perfect essay. But really, what is perfection? When entering the world of essay writing, we are not aiming for perfection, we are aiming for competence. Since there is no right or wrong way of writing an essay, it can be daunting, making more students gravitate towards seeking essay help from essay writing services. You can however deliver expert-level essays using some expert-level advice.

Here, essay writing experts at Essay Typist have listed 10 effective tips that will certainly help you to get a good score in your essays. 

Essay Writing Tips – 10 Tips to Write the Perfect Essay

Tip 1: Review and Categorize

Before even starting to write the essay you need to assess the notes, articles and books at your disposal. The essay will be based on the topics being taught and studied at school. So arranging the topics and categorizing and highlighting them, is a good way to start. You should come up with your own system when categorizing. We suggest using note organization websites, like Notion. 

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Tip 2: Select a Topic that you like

Essay prompts are primarily the essay topic upon which you should compose the essay. While reading the prompt, you should decide if the essay should be argumentative or informative. An important thing students often forget is that they should enjoy the process of writing the essay. It should be conversational, almost like you are sharing your thoughts with your friend over a cup of coffee. In order to assure that, you should select a topic which you find interesting. Select the essay topic where there is a maximum opportunity for research. 

Tip 3: Multiple Research Materials 

Do you know what is better than one source? Multiple sources. When you conduct extensive research with the aid of multiple sources, the scope of the essay increases exponentially. Collecting important facts and information from different types of sources such as journals, peer-reviewed articles, newspapers, and online sources, should be considered. Have a clear-cut strategy for using these references. Create a blueprint of resources. It is very easy for you to fall into a wormhole. Thus, before knowing what to include, you should also know what should not be included in your reference list. 

Tip 4: Create a Blueprint 

Essays do not have a fixed structure. It only comprises of Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion. In order to deliver the best quality essay, you should know the different topics, arguments, counter-arguments, etc., that you will include in each and every paragraph. Making a rough structure thus becomes pertinent. We suggest you create the structure using bullet points. It will be easier for you to revisit the points later. Using these points you can elaborately compose the essay. 

Tip 5: Use of Different Styles

Owing to the lack of proper structure in essays, reading essays can become boring for professors. You need to be able to grab and hold their attention. In order to attain that, you should include a variable style throughout the essay. For instance, you should be using both short and long sentences throughout the essay. Occasional use of imperative, interrogative and declarative sentences is also recommended. 

Tip 6: Proper Utilization of Transitions

Including logical links throughout your essay is crucial. As we mentioned earlier, there is no fixed structure to essays. By utilizing proper links throughout your essay you can introduce ideas, which can be utilized for securing high scores. Single words such as “Moreover”, “Furthermore”, “Additionally”, and “Besides” can be used throughout the essay. 

Tip 7: Concise Language and use Thesaurus

Use straightforward language. You are not given the task of impressing your professors with overtly sophisticated language and vocabulary. Thus, you should deliver essays that are readable, concise, and straightforward and directly address the topic. Look for synonyms using Thesaurus. At all costs, you should avoid using the same word multiple times throughout the essay.

Tip 8: Use Active Voice 

First of all, compare the two sentences: 
Taylor has written and composed these beautiful songs. 
These beautiful songs have been written and composed by Taylor
Which of these two sentences sounds better? The first one, right? The first, shorter sentence is written using Active Voice. It is easier to read and introduces more style when essay writing is concerned. Thus, it is important for you to use Active Voice throughout the essay.

Tip 9: Avoid using Filler Words

Filler words might sound like the perfect way of increasing word count, but they are so utterly useless. It includes words like “possibly”, “to be honest”, “needless to say”, “as well as” etc. Filler words can be used in non-formal literature, say, a blog. But, essays are different. You need to follow certain rules when composing these academic assignments. Go on a mission to ruthlessly delete these filler words from the essays. 

Tip 10: Use Grammar Check Software judiciously 

Grammarly, the best out of the bunch, can be quite a nuisance. It is infamous for flagging issues with sentences and absolutely preposterous suggestions, which completely minimize the essence of the sentence. You need to keep in mind, Grammarly is an automated software. So, it will invariably give you suggestions lacking cultural awareness. Advice by Grammarly is identical with a complete disregard for the topic, arguments, etc. Hence, it is recommended that you use Grammarly judiciously. 

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