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The Top LGBT-Friendly Universities In The UK

The gender diversion is the new part of the society. There are many people living in the society who have different sexual orientation, even though they are normal and have qualities same as anyone else, still they become a part of discrimination.

The word LGBT stands for Lesbians, Gays, Bi Sexual and Transgender. Being bully and facing harassments in the places like school, collages and universities often affects their career and academic life as well. These disturbing behaviours also influences them to leave their studies in between and this is very wrong to make thing difficult for them.

This is the reason why there are many universities and academic organizations are available in the UK which also tries to provide a friendly environment to all students and also focuses on maintaining a equality mong every students despite their race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and even sexual orientation. If students from this communities are also looking for admission in a friendly environment, they can hire an Admission essay writing help services from professional for an attractive admission application letter or application.

LGBT-Friendly Universities in the UK

There are many universities presented in the UK which have been provided a safe and healthy environment for students and faculties who belongs from the LGBT community. Stonewall has also published their list of some top LGBT universities of the UK.

Here is the list of some LGBT friendly university of the UK – 

  • Cambridge University with 21% of acceptance ranking as the globally 3rd LGBT friendly.
  • King’s collage London with 13% of acceptance rate while the rank of the collage globally is 33rd.
  • The University of Glasgow with 70% rate of acceptance ranking as globally 67th LGBT friendly.
  • The University of Birmingham with 81% of acceptancy rate ranking as 81st LGBT friendly institution globally.
  • York St. John University ranking as 111th globally as LGBTQ friendly.
  • Cardiff University, ranking 154th globally.
  • The University of Essex, ranking 251st globally.
  • Imperial Collage of London.
  • Sheffield Hallam University ranking as 802nd number of LGBT friendly university globally.

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LGBT friendly services provided by these universities

  • These universities are also known for providing effective career advice for the students belongs from the LGBTQ community.
  • They also focus on conducting a survey to clarify the sexual orientations from their students
  • These universities have developed some necessary policies to protect the right of the student from the community as well as stop the harassment and discrimination that may happen against them.
  • They have hired and consult to a professional LGBTQ representative to changes the policies that may affect the particular community and group.
  • Also hire the faculty form the community to make it comfortable for students to go and talk to them.
  • Develop a club for those students and make a webpage and publish it on the website of the university.
  • Conduct events and programs to promote the community and update the web page with the event.

Laws and policies for the LGBTQ students in the University

There are many laws and policies have been implemented in the culture and structure of universities for students who belongs from the LGBTQ community and also focus on highlighting the issues regarding them. The constitutions provide the people of this community the right of choosing their sex or gender according to their will, they can also choose their life partners, get married and also can adopt children. The homosexuality has become a normal part of the society.

They are also getting equal rights and treatment from the constitution and the society. The discrimination based on sexual preference or orientation has no sense at all. There ate also many Universities that provides healthy environments and source of education to the homosexual people. some essay writing services also support the students form the community and provide their services without any discrimination. The local community already have included many services and facilities for those who are having a different sexual orientation and they are also trying to make a friendly environment for homosexuals and trying to make them a regular part of the society.

There are many universities like York St. John University, University of Glasgow and King’s collages which focus to develop a good environment and hire a staff or make a network for students from the community. These universities also understand that the student from different community needs a specific support to manage or discuss their issues; this is the main motive of the authority of the university to hire the faculty of the college who belongs from the same community. This process helps to balance the students’ issues that are developing between homosexual students and heterosexual students, so the authority gets required amount of time in treating the issues from different people. 

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Even though the situation is quite challenging for the students form the LGBTQ community to manage and survive in the regular environment, this is the reason why most of the time these students cannot focus on their assignments. Essay Typist always tries to provide essay help to students and support them.


Q 1. How long the LGBTQ community is existing in the society?

The people from the LGBTQ community are existing in the society form a very long period of time. They are living form the prehistoric rock painting culture of Africa as some of their traces can be seen in the pictures as well as they were also be a part of ancient Indian Medical texts.

Q2. Are the essay writing services and assignment writing services gay friendly?

Yes, services provided by the essay writing services and assignment writing services gay friendly as they do not discriminate among students based on their race, gender, sexuality and ethnicity. 

Q3. What do you mean by homophobic and transphobic people?

People who have a kind of fear from the people belongs to homosexual community or are scared of transgenders called as homophobic or transphobic people.