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The Beginner's Guide To Writing An Essay | Tips & Tricks

One of the tiring works for the students is to write essays. Not only it is tiring it is something very boring according to them. 70% of the students in a class will agree to this for sure. Whether it’s a college student or a university student the answer will never change. Even though essay writing is not liked by any students it is the most essential academic work for the students, from the beginning till the end of their academic life. The task of essay writing is no more limited to college or university today it becomes essential in admission tests as well.

When students write engaging and efficient essays that will define them as good students who have good writing, communication, and storytelling skills. Essay writing is a combination of different complex work which includes, planning, research, presentation, and final works. Without guidance and experience, essay writing is a very difficult task. Many students out their take essay help from professional writing services online. Some students want to write their essays by themselves so for them we have brought in these articles with ultimate essay writing guidance which help them to write essays without any challenges and be able to craft a high-quality essay. Keep reading.

What do you understand by an essay?

Do you understand the meaning of an essay? Let us discuss this first before start writing one. Feelings, thoughts, and emotions can be best communicated through different mediums of communication. One of the effective ways to communicate feelings and thoughts is by explaining them in writing. An essay is a work of art it reflects the creativity, thoughts, feelings, and life experiences of the author. In academic writing, the students can show their creativity in writing, how creative they can be with words, and present them on paper.


Upon a particular topic, the author has to express their thoughts and ideas in the form of writing that I define as an essay. There can be several types of essays reflective, narrative, etc. which are different from different points of view. The word “essay” derives from the French word “essayer which means “to attempt” or “to try”. Therefore, to convey your message effectively in the form of writing an essay is the best. Another purpose of the essay is to engage your readers through your story and words.

The formatting guides for essay

One of the essential parts of every profession and academic is writing an attractively written essay. When you can submit a well-written essay to your professor or anyone that shows your effective ability to communicate. The key factor of every essay is its formatting. We have given you a guide here below for formatting your essay.


Before you start writing your essay compose your statement thesis. This step will help you to draft the primary arguments of the essay. This thesis statement will be discussing the introduction of the essay which will give ideas for the rest subject of the essay.

The formatting guides for essay

Outlining essay

After composing the thesis statement, your next step will be outlining the essay. Outline works as a roadmap for the essay where the thoughts and ideas of the writer are kept organized. the whole matter of the essay that will be covered will be pointed out there.

The introduction

Introduce your essay with engaging and attractive content which will be in the first paragraph of the essay. Give the background idea of the essay in the introduction that introduces the topic of the essay properly so that the reader ca a clear understanding of the whole essay.

The conclusion statements

The conclusion statement is similarly important as the introduction where the author needs to summarize every point that he has discussed in the whole essay. The conclusion must clearly explain the fundamentals of the essay that will impress your reader. No new idea or topic should be introduced in the conclusion that has not been discussed earlier in the body.

These above guides will surely help you to write a captivating essay. Other than that, you want you can also take custom essay writing services where you can be in continuous contact with the writer who will write your essay as per your ideas.

Types of essay

Different essay type has different approach and style of writing. Here are the different types of essays:

Descriptive essay

Through this essay, you can create a wide picture of your story for the reader. Writers have to explain all their experiences, life events, and different other things vividly.

Expository essay

Particular topics are explained by the writer in this type of essay for the readers. Writers have to provide evidence, facts, and a balanced approach to the subject matter.

Narrative essay

While providing lessons and messages to the reader author has to tell a detailed story in their essay for their reader.

Types of essay

Argumentative essay

The writer has to pick an issue and argues that in his essay with proper logic and pieces of evidence for a better understanding of the reader.

Persuasive essay

This essay is similar to the argumentative essay which has the aim to convince the reader by adopting particular viewpoints and actions.

Analytical essay

The writer has to explain the topic of the essay from their point of view and has to make a proper analysis of it as well.


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How do you start writing your essay?

It is best to start writing your essay with preparation, first decide on your topic, then do a thorough research on that topic, create an outline.

What makes a good essay?

You can only consider an essay a good essay when it is based on only one clear central idea. Every paragraph of the essay must define the primary points and topic of the essay clearly.

How to structure an essay?

The essay structure should be divided into three segments, introduction which will define the aim statement, the body arguments and analysis, and the conclusion which will warp up the whole essay