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Students' Difficulties With Essay Writing On Virtual Learning

Every student face problem while writing an essay this is the most general problem among students. Students are aware of all the norms and structure of writing an essay, but still, they failed in the end even after putting in so much effort. That’s a bit irritating for the students. Many problems are faced by students when they write an essay. Such problems need to be avoided by the students. Sometimes hard work does not bring reward to the students, but if this happens every time that brings a question on the ability of the student. Don’t bring the question to your ability, we help our students to write a better essay with our Essay Writing Services.  

What is virtual learning?

Virtual learning has a much wider meaning than just linking the term with online classes or online work environments. An environment is defined as virtual learning in which students study through an online medium, in virtual learning students are taught by their teachers online i.e. video or audio, or through both media. The lesson that is taught through a virtual medium can either be real-time or recorded videos of classes.

There was a time when only working adults used to learn online. Now the situation has changed for students of every age and background they have provided an educational arrangement that is an online-only medium. In 2019 online college was attended by almost 19.6 million students. Since that time the number of online students has just grown. In recent times online learning has become a common medium of learning that no one has thought about.

Essay writing problems faced by the students

Occasionally writers face writer’s block. Students who need to complete their Academic Writing assignments that students can easily be affected by such writer’s block. In the process of Scholarship Essay Writing, this is one of the many problems that is faced by the students. When students try to complete their assignments, many other challenges are faced by them.

We have discussed in this article below the five top problems that students face when they start writing their assignments of essay writing on virtual learning or Writing a thesis proposal and also some solutions to successfully overcome those problems.

Lack of confidence

The students sometimes don’t believe in themselves about their skills and capabilities. This is the most common problem that is faced by students in essay writing on virtual learning.

It is a big problem for students who think that they are not good at writing and as a result, it becomes a big problem for them to even start Writing a Research proposal. They even doubt that they can able to complete their task well. They don’t even start working on their essay writing due to self-doubt.

Lack of confidence and self-doubts make these students submit badly written essays or incomplete essays. They even think that they can get failing grades in their essay. If you are facing so many difficulties in writing essays on virtual learning take Custom Essay Writing Services from us to submit a grade A essay.

Incomplete knowledge

The main reason these students face difficulties in writing essays on virtual learning is that they don’t have complete knowledge about the topic they are given with.

It is said that incomplete knowledge is very dangerous. Most of the students don’t take down proper notes in the lectures, some student even skips their classes. Because of this irregularity students failed to understand the topic of virtual learning properly and due to poor knowledge, they find it difficult to write an essay on virtual writing.

Poor writing skills

Even though some students have enough knowledge of the subject and also have the confidence to write a great essay, they aren’t able to submit a great essay on virtual writing because of poor proficiency in the language.

The students use wrong language, poor words, words that are not relevant, wrong phrases, and punctuations which result in a very poor essay. To impress teachers some students, use jargon and technical words which are irrelevant and backfire.


Other than all problems, students who write an essay don’t notice plagiarism and submit their work with it end up ruining their whole essay. Such a thing is done by students because they try to complete their essay writing at the end moment.

Nowadays plagiarism is checked by teachers to make sure the authenticity of the content. It becomes troublesome for the students who submit copied material.

Time management

Many students think that they can submit their work very last minute. But it is not possible to submit a good essay in hurry without doing any proper research. Without doing proper research the student can't submit a good-quality essay. Because there is a deadline for the submission of the essay time management is very important.

How to overcome these problems?

  • For lack of confidence, students need to work on their writing skills, which can only be improved by practicing writing daily despite the mistakes. Students can also take help from their teachers, and friends to write an essay on virtual learning.
  • For incomplete knowledge, students need to increase their knowledge about the topic which can only be done by study. Students need to put extra effort into understanding their notes.
  • For poor writing skills, students need to work on the word or language they use, they should use concise sentences. To be a good writing student, need to read a lot as reading is a good exercise. 
  • For Plagiarism, students need to have good skills in paraphrasing the content for writing their essays. Students should also know using references.
  • For time management, students need to plan their time regarding writing essays before starting them, so that they can complete them before the deadline and they have time to do good research on the subject and write a top-notch essay on virtual learning.


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Why writing an essay is so difficult?

Writing an essay is hard because of many reasons, but the most important is that students often don’t focus on the plagiarism of the content. Take Academic Writing from us to write plagiarism free

What is the hardest thing about writing?

Not being confident is the hardest part for a student in writing an essay. That means students doubt their ability of writing. Essay Writing Services will help you to write confidently.

What is the most challenging part of writing?

Choosing the wrong topic which is both frustrating and daunting for students.

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