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Some Of The Best Argumentative Essay Topics For The Year 2023

An essay is an important part of academic work for students of every grade. From the very beginning students were given essay work that help the students to develop their skills of writing, they can work on their skills of critical thinking and learn the techniques of presentation. Students with foreign languages struggle the most with writing a good English essay. They have to prove that they are a good understanding of the English language in terms of reading, listening, understanding, pronunciation, reading and writing. Are you also someone who has given with argumentative essay by your professor? Since you have less knowledge about the topics of argumentative essays you are struggling to choose a good topic for your essay. An argumentative essay is based on writing factual evidence and having to convince the reader by giving them strong logical support. This will help the students to have deep learning about the matter of a particular subject. Students will also develop good argumentative skills through writing a good argumentative essay. Must remember while choosing a topic for your essay that it must be strong. In this article, we will provide you with some good topics in an argumentative essay that will help you. 

What is an argumentative essay?

Before we dive into the topics of the argumentative essay, we will explain a little about the argumentative essay. An argumentative essay is somehow similar to a persuasive and other essay, in such an essay you have to write it and add such argumentative points which will convince your reader to understand the subject from your point of view. You must be thinking about how can you make your argumentative essay convincing to your reader. It is very easy you need to write facts with strong evidence that will prove that the logic in your argumentative essay is true. 

There is a hairline difference between an argumentative essay and a persuasive essay that is a persuasive essay is more emotional than formal. A persuasive essay writes in a way that will be catchier to the readers emotionally and on the other hand argumentative essay is written keeping in mind the strong factual data. 

The thesis of the argumentative essay must be strong without any doubt and it must disapprove of the other theories which are opposing it. The writers of the argumentative essay cannot just write their thought in it they have to prove it as well with strong evidential theories. In an argumentative essay, the conclusion must be logical which logically with the supportive fact conclude the essay. Making up facts that don’t exist is a big no. Your facts in the argumentative essay must have deep knowledge. Now that you have understood what an argumentative essay is we will cover the various topics of an argumentative essay. 

what is an argumentative essay

The list of topics for an argumentative essay

An argumentative essay is the most common type of academic work. This essay is given to school students for their exams, in colleges, in institutes, and any type of admission exam as well. If you are preparing for TOEFL or a similar exam then it is a must that you will be given with argumentative essay. Below we have given different types of topics for argumentative essays.

The list of topic for an argument essay

10 most important topics of argumentative essay for 2023

  1. How the pandemic has changed the attitude of nature.
  2. What are the pros and cons that come with the issues related to distance work and learning?
  3. The format of distance learning has changed- how?
  4. What are the global changes that come with the pandemic?
  5. Political relationships against the backdrop of a pandemic. 
  6. Give the reasons for changes in the values of humanity that comes during the pandemic. 
  7. The arrangements for exhibitions, sales and other events have changed due to changes in art and culture.
  8. Huge changes can be noticed in the tourism industry which is caused due to pandemic situation.
  9. The pandemic has changed the scope of sports explain how?
  10. How the scope of international business and sales does have changes over time?

10 Easy Topics in Argumentative Essay

  1. The problem of today’s youth.
  2. The relationship of husband and wife.
  3. Our time has a burning problem.
  4. Explain the relationship between children and parents.
  5. Meaning of friendship in our life.
  6. Relationship of children and father.
  7. The joy of our life is friendship.
  8. Body language and gestures come with various secrets.
  9. What is hidden within body language?
  10. What does religion mean in the life of a teenager?

10 topics for College Argumentative Essay

  1. The story of one-sided love in the world-famous book.
  2. How to give correct upbringing to adolescents and children.
  3. How to choose a future profession?
  4. Patriotism in the United States.
  5. In every person’s life, there is a special role for art and culture.
  6. What is the culture of the US in the 21st century?
  7. What can a man be capable to do for the sake of love?
  8. Mental and spiritual health.
  9. Is it true that love makes every person happy?
  10. During the 21st century in the United States, what was the role of the family?


We have shared 30 different types of argumentative essays under three heads which will be a great help to you. If you are still confused about which topic to choose and write a great essay then avail the essay writing service from Essay Typist


What are the 5 types of argumentative essays?

Here are the five types of argumentative essays:-

Ethical arguments, emotional arguments, logical arguments, writing an argumentative essay and the arguments.

What are the two common argumentative essay formats?

Possibly there are various approaches to argumentative essays, the most common types of models for outlining the arguments will be great help are two which are: the Rogerian model and the Toulmin model. 

How to start an argumentative essay?

Generally, the students have to set the context of the essay with their review in the first para of an argumentative essay. Next, the importance of the topic is to be explained and thesis statements are to be presented by the students lastly.