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Social Media Is The Real Cause Of Teenage Depression

It is complicated to say, does the use of social media cause depression among teenage? It is true that nowadays and over the years using social media among teenagers has risen quite a good amount. It has been found in a report of 2021 by Common Sense Census that:

  • On average daily teenage spent 8 hours and 39 minutes of screen time other than in a classroom, from 2019 it is increased by about 17%.
  • Each day on average teenagers spent 87 minutes using social media daily.
  • It has been said by about 62% of teens use social media daily but among them, 34% have said that they enjoy using it a lot.

At the same, it has been noticed that there is an alarming decline in the mental health of adolescents. It has been reported in 2021 that schoolers were persistently feeling sadness or hopelessness, said to a nationally representative survey by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

This problem is not only limited to older teens. A review was made in 29 studies during the pandemic on the mental health of over 80,000 children and adolescents globally have been reviewed. It is found in the review that depression symptoms were there among one in four youths, which is double the rate that was before the pandemic.

Teens have found themselves grappling with challenging situations such as grief and trauma which are related to the feeling of depression. You may still find what is the link between depression and other symptoms of mental health may be experiencing among teens and their use of social media. We will find out everything in this article. If you need any Essay editing Services then you can take help from us without any second thought.

Let’s find out the connection

It has been debated by experts for a long time whether using social media is harming the mental health of adolescents or helping them. It has been suggested in research of 2019 that depressed mood can be seen among teens due to using and spending a lot more of their time on social media accounts. It is found that self-esteem has decreased among teens which makes them feel ugly or not so interesting in comparison to their peers and the main reason for feeling these ways is the filtered images and curated timelines in social media. Teen has also encountered harassment and cyberbullying more than before which somehow affect their mental peace and health.

On the other hand, it has also been found that it is suggested that social media has boosted mental health. The teens who were feeling depressed tried to reach out the online friends who were experiencing the same issues. Some of the teens were found out creating social groups online with people suffering from the same problem and the people who can help them so that sympathy can be offered to them and can give advice to their peers who are struggling to cope with the symptoms and problems of depression.

It has been found in a review of 2017 and we also agree that somehow as well it says that the ill or good effect of social media depends more upon the person than the platform. It has been seen that highly skilled teens have good self-esteem and use social media to improve their lives by learning new things and building new skills.  

So, it is depending upon how the teen uses social media and it will be impacted them in that way. So, a teen who feels isolated and feels depressed may use social media in a way that is less beneficial to them.

Let’s Find Out The Connection

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The potential downside of using social media

It has been found in some teens the risk of depression is contributed to by the use of social media. It is also found that it has also worsened the existing symptoms of depression. Risks to mental health from social media may include cyberbullying, social comparisons, distraction, and doom scrolling.

The potential benefits of using social media

Though there are various possible risks of using social media, it has been also found that it also serves as a powerful tool for giving emotional support.

There are some possible significant health benefits of using social media which include, connecting with friends and family through various platforms of social media which helped everyone around the world to keep in touch and get back in touch with loved ones, especially helping those who are living apart from their family and friends, can make new friends and meet new people online who are from different country speak a different language. Can get much important information, and come across such posts which help them to recognize their mental conditions and discuss to manage them.

Creating balance is the key

So, it can be now said that using social media itself doesn’t have either any bad or good effects. It seems that teenagers could share an unhealthy relationship with social media by doing the following things:

  • Not able to resist checking their social media account even though they are saying they will not check.
  • Right after going through the phone they seem sad, angry, or withdraw frequently.
  • When they go offline or make them stop using the phone they got agitated even if it is for a short period like while having dinner with family.
  • Just for the sake of social media, they stop eating, and doing their homework and also start neglecting their sleep.

If you have noticed that the mental health of the teenage in your house is get affected then it is best to completely confiscate their device. It is true that in today's era, the internet cannot be cut off from our life and social media is the modern of socializing for teenagers. Everyone needs to keep in mind how teenagers can still enjoy social media but in a more responsible way.

Creating Balance Is The Key


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Is social media a cause of depression why?

It has been found in multiple studies and research that there is a strong relation between the heavy use of social media by teenagers and the increasing risk of depression, anxiety, the tendency to self-harm, etc.

Is depression in children linked to social media?

Today the most alarming thing is the strong association between the use of social media and the symptoms of depression. Found in studies a 50% increase in the symptom of depression in girls among the teens who use social media most.

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