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How To Write An Illustration Essay?

An illustration essay is one of the most interesting academic writing assignments that students deal with in college and university. It is a practical exercise of writing before doing a thesis. Many people defined it as the first step of a student’s happiness of discovery. These forms of papers and assignments encourage students to discover creative and innovative ideas to support their arguments and pay attention to the research process. With the help of an illustration essay, a student understands how to find and collect the relevant things for writing. 

Understanding the process of an illustration essay is important for scoring good marks in academics as several writing styles need the skill of this essay. With the help of this essay, a student clearly understands how he/she has to write the assignment and score good marks. With this article, you will get a proper understanding of writing this essay which will further help you in your academic writing.

Meaning of illustration essay

An illustration essay can be defined as a type of informative writing, whose aim is to showcase a specific thing’s existence and how it acts in a certain way. This essay is also called an exemplification paper. This states that the writer needs to recap experimental data and contain their definition. In simple words, it is a summary of practices by giving different examples that explain the issue.  

Guidance to write an illustration essay

While writing an illustration essay students have to keep the following things in mind:

Select a topic

The first thing that students have to do while writing an illustration essay is to select a topic. You can select the topic on your understanding, classify the objective then write about it.

Perform some research

Even if you have a proper understanding of the selected topic before writing it conduct some research on the selected topic. This will help you in gathering the latest information about the topic that can be useful in your writing or can change your point of view about the topic.

Draw an outline

In this step write the key points and ideas of the topic that you want to discuss in your essay. In this write as many examples as you want and then choose the best option to explain. The structure of it will be an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Work on the content

After creating the structure write down the essay in which write a proper and clear thesis. Use this same idea while writing the conclusion. With this provides an explanation of the selected example in every main paragraph of the body.


After completing the essay add references to it. While doing so follow the criteria given by your professor regarding the referencing style.

Proofread and editing

After writing the essay proofread it and check for plagiarism and grammar. Doing so will help you in making sure that your essay is free from any type of mistake.

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How to find evidence and inspiration?

There is plenty of information available for finding the evidence for your illustration essay. If you facing difficulty in finding the evidence you can look at examples of it on various essay writing services. This will help you get an idea of what evidence looks like and how you can find out. Sometimes the overdose of information creates difficulty in selecting the examples. If you want to write a perfect illustration essay start searching for good sources that can provide you with creative ideas and evidence. In this, the biggest source for collecting information and creative ideas you can use is the media.  By reading a blog on how to write an essay, and checking the accounts of famous personalities, the inspiration of writing the essay can come from anywhere even from your everyday life also. Doing so will help you in collecting information and get the inspiration for writing an essay.

Tips that can be used while writing an illustration essay

Below we have mentioned some of the tips that you can use while writing an illustration essay:

Collect evidence

If you are writing a three-paragraph essay, you can use three illustrations in it. When you have more options available than required then try to select the most interesting, effective, and intriguing ones.

Keep it short and simple

Generally, the length of the essay is presented in the requirement. If it is not mentioned don’t write the essay more than three pages as if you try to pull the essay you will write unnecessary information in it, and it will lose its clarity. So try to keep it short and simple.

Use specific examples

While writing the essay use specific examples so that the reader easily understands the topic without spending much time. All the examples used in the essay should be different, straightforward, and even shocking so that they can make a good impression on a reader’s mind. The examples taken in the essay should be correct and target oriented.

Structure of an illustration essay

Following is the most typical structure of an illustration essay:

Introduction: the first stage of the essay is an introduction that is based on three things i.e. hook statement, the background of the information, and the thesis statement. While writing the introduction of the essay the writer has to keep all these things in mind so that the intro paragraph can make the reader interested in reading the whole essay.

Body paragraph: The body paragraph is generally divided into three paragraphs in which each paragraph conducts a supporting argument, example, and details.

Conclusion: The last stage of the essay is the conclusion in which the writer summarizes the main ideas of the essay with a conclusive sentence. Under this make sure that the ideas used in supporting the thesis statement in the introduction paragraph are mentioned and select the best example to explain your ideas.

Conclusive Statement

By following these guidelines and tips writing an illustration essay will no longer be difficult for you. With this for better understanding try to practice it. If you still face difficulty in writing the essay and need guidance you can take the help of an Essay Typist where we provide you with all writing services at a competitive price range.


Where can I get examples of illustration essays?

There are plenty of examples present of illustration essays with tips and guidance but for a better understanding of the topic visit the websites of top  Admission Essay Writing. For more, you can also ask help from the professional writers of these services.

How many paragraphs should be written in the body of the illustration essay?

A minimum of three paragraphs should be mentioned in the body of the illustration essay and each of them should consist of a statement, an illustration, and a point.

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