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How to Write an Annotated Bibliography. A Complete Guide

Whether you are writing an academic essay, thesis, dissertation, book or any research paper, your bibliography is an important section of your document. The bibliography provides references to your work to the readers and helps them in understanding the subject and topic. With the help of references provided to them, they can access the sources and move forward with your research and it shows the authenticity of your work. But writing a bibliography can be intimidating with so many guidelines to follow and it gets on your nerves. However, you don’t have to worry about it as there are essay writing services available for online essay help or assignment writing help. For accurate referencing in narrative writing, there is annotated bibliography. When a short description called annotation is provided with your citation for your work, it is called an annotated bibliography.

What is annotated bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is a type of bibliography where the references or citations are made to books, articles and other documents. This document provides the referenced work and a short description and assessment of the selected work called an annotation. A well-researched annotated bibliography apprises readers of the correctness and quality of the cited work. On the other hand, a bibliography just includes the listed sources with a short synopsis and evaluation of the sources. If you understand the format of the annotated bibliography, it becomes an easy task in academic writing, because reading and evaluating the source is a complicated task.

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Annotated Bibliography Writing

Why annotated bibliography is important?

Writing annotated bibliography helps in improving the quality of research, and the skill of reading between the lines. It saves time and helps in identifying the keywords and evaluating the small book summaries without going through the whole document which is time-consuming and gets overwhelming. annotated bibliographies are written in different formats and if you don’t understand the format there are annotated bibliography writing services that provide the writing help. To score good, you can approach essay writing help for your coursework help.  There are two different types of annotated bibliography: descriptive and analytical. An annotated bibliography is just an extended list of citations which is created normally the references are done in the given format like APA, MLA etc. You just add a small summary or annotate the books or journals after the sources.  If you are short on time delegate your work to essay writing services.

How to write an annotated bibliography?

There are four steps involved in writing annotated bibliography. It is difficult to write a bibliography page. It is important to read the brief properly and choose the format accordingly. Let’s learn to write the annotated bibliography.

  • Locate your sources for reference. Record those citations to the books or scholarly articles that may contain the required information and purpose of your topic. There are different websites where you can look for documents like google scholar for starters. Collect all the information from the sources.
  • After collecting all the research work skim through it and understand the work. Analyse the sources you have collected to get the required information for annotation.
  • Next step is citing all the sources and giving annotations for them, which is a tiresome job. It is the same as writing your reference list. After reviewing the sources, cite the books, articles or research documents you used for your research and use the appropriate format for citation on Google Docs. You can check with your publication for the style they want in the annotated bibliography. 
  • The Last step is writing precise annotations that recapitulate the content of the book or document you are referring to. While writing an annotated bibliography, including the background of the author, and information about the target audience, perform a critical analysis of other sources you have cited, mention unique parts of the sources, and discuss the biases in the narratives you are writing.

Annotated Bibliography Writing

Let’s go through quickly what we have discussed. While writing an annotated bibliography, choose your sources carefully, review them, cite the books or journals, and annotate them. Repeat this process for all the sources you have shortlisted. There are different forms like APA or MLA annotation which you can learn easily and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed during the process. If you feel you can go for online essay help and other annotated bibliography writing services. Essay Typist has experts available to help you with their years of experience. Go to google and check essay help in UK or essay help in Australia, and select Essay Typist for best customer experience. 

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