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How to Write a Personal Statement for Law School: Guides and Tips

Personal statements are the most important parts of law school in making an exceptional application about your personality, character, and communication skills which otherwise won’t be known from a resume. It is a short supporting letter that students submit to the schools or universities of their dreams to get admission. If you don’t want to miss this opportunity you can take the help of law assignment writing services. Let’s start with knowing the basics to write an excellent personal statement.

What is a personal statement?

A personal statement can be defined as a brief essay written by the law school applicants to show an overview of their achievements and why they are exceptional candidates for the law school. Usually, a personal statement doesn’t have any particular format so you can include anything from your personal experience to student credentials. It is not an academic paper so you can be expressive and open. You can write why you want to study at the particular university, what are your expectations from the university etc. Though it will not cover your low LSAT scores, it can give you a glimpse of your transcripts, resume or any letter of recommendation. To write an outstanding application you can essay writing services

Why do law schools seek personal statements?

All the law schools and universities require a personal statement to choose the best candidates for them among hundreds of others. As all of the applicants have good GPAs, so their personal statement is the way to stand out from the crowd. With the help of a personal statement, it becomes easy for the universities to choose an applicant who genuinely wants to pursue their career in legislation and is passionate about it.

Admission committees typically look for applicants’ academic and personal backgrounds and any unique qualities that can add value to the school. Apart from this, they check for strong communication and writing abilities. A well-articulated personal statement shows the capability to translate complex thoughts and ideas into easily understood like lawyers. Online essay help services can help you write an impressive personal statement.

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Personal statement writing tips

Writing a personal statement can be a tedious job, but to make it simple universities provide guidelines to write it. You can use the below-mentioned tips for writing your application or you can take law essay writing help to be confident with your application. Skim through the tips to write an impactful application.

•   Read the instructions and guidelines provided by the university before starting with your application. A typical law school personal statement format is as follows.

  1. Length: typically, two pages, if not specified.
  2. Word count: minimum 250-500 words.
  3. Spacing: double or single-spaced.
  4. Font: Times new roman in 11-12 font size
  5. Margins: not less than 1 in. 

•   You need to keep these specifications in mind while writing your application if not specified anything. 

  • Choose a narrow topic to be focused on with your work and outline the structure of your personal statement according to the topic. Talk to your adviser or take a law essay help to work with you. Discuss the impact and learnings it had on you.
  • Understand the university values and what type of readers will be there. Connect the dots between school values and your values. Study some of the professors’ work and mention those common topics in your essay with an opportunity to gain some learnings from them.
  • Direct your energy in writing the first paragraph because reviewers are short on time and may not proceed further with an interesting application.
  • Be yourself and write an engaging essay with energy and an active voice. Pen down your experiences by painting a visual picture in the form of an interesting story. Make your writing meaningful, authentic and gives a personal touch. 
  • Write clear and simple sentences making them easy to read for reviewers. Focus on the experiences that are unique and not mentioned in the resume. 
  • Take your time and write with a free mind. It neglects the possibility of errors and vague writing. 
  • Always proofread your work before submitting it. Use tools for spelling and grammar and look for any legal terms being misused in your work. It will help your adviser to trust your authenticity and see your sincerity with your work. For proofreading, you can hire a law assignment writing service and give a professional touch to the document.

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With some tips, there are some Don’ts also to be aware of. Let’s discuss them.

  • Do not use legal concepts and jargon as it will be perilous if you misuse them or may be misunderstood. 
  • Don't be a cliché and uniquely present your story.
  • Don’t repeat your resume or write down too many life experiences and end up with nothing. 
  • Do not try to justify your weaknesses or low LSAT scores. Try to address it in the appendix and focus on the positives more in your statement. 
  • Do not try to insult your leaders and think before you speak of controversial views. 

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