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Essay Writing : How to Organize Your Thoughts

Essays can be rather daunting for students. Essays are essential in assessing the strength of critical analysis and thinking. It can be utilized for representing your thoughts in academic paper. Due to the lack of proper structure to essays, students find structuring of essays rather difficult. Now, essays are obligatory for students, irrespective of study and institution. It has been observed that there are few students who find essay writing rather daunting. 

The experts at Essay Typist have prepared a list of tips and tricks that will enable you to compose the best essay. 

Comprehend the Theme

Essays are associated with conflicts and change. However, since it is an academic paper, the conflict should be between ideas. Change should be incorporated with the aid of manner in which the changes are perceived. You, as an essayist should be able to perceive the different themes effectively and present them within the essay. However, you should primarily ensure that the theme is aligned with the essay topic. Thus, you should evaluate the primary concepts mentioned within the essay topic. Thereafter you should evaluate the limiting terms defining scope of the topic. At the end of the step, you should conduct the procedure of discussion, comparison and evaluation. 

Define the Argument

Essays should be argumentative. Prior to initiating the process of essay writing, you define the argument. In order to structure your essays properly you should present two different arguments, in quotations. After that, conduct a thorough evaluation of the two arguments. Thereafter, you should include a critical evaluation of the arguments. 

Use of Evidence, Reasoning and Scholarship

In order to ensure that the essay has depth, you need to make sure that there are evidences. In order to include evidences, you should conduct thorough research on multiple topics. The evidences should have concrete information, which is essential in supporting you claim. Furthermore, you are recommended to include specific facts, quotations, statistics, and definite illustrations, amongst others. With the aid of proper reasoning you will be able to connect the dots within the argument. Scholarships should be utilized for showcasing the manner in which the arguments are cited. 

Organization is Key

In order to compose the best essay, structuring is crucial. The basic structure is Introduction, Body and Conclusion. In the introduction, you should give a brief knowledge of the topic. Thereafter, you should define the arguments. In the body, you should present the arguments along with the counter-arguments. It is important for you to include enough evidences within the body of the essay. The outcome of the essay should also be defined within the Body. We suggest you to give enough sources and references within the body of the essay. It improves the authenticity of the essay and enhances the argument majorly. Lastly, in the Conclusion, you should present the argument that stands out. You should essentially also give evidences defining the conclusion thoroughly. 

Start Writing

After creating a rough blueprint of the steps and structure to be followed for the essay, you need to demarcate the same into paragraphs and sentences. In order to score the best grade, you should ensure that the work is devoid of repetitions. 

Edit Ruthlessly

One of the most important step in presenting the best essay that is worthy is scoring top grade is editing. You need to ensure that the work is thoroughly proof read. Editing out the unimportant part is pertinent to ensuring the best grades. Furthermore, you should ensure that no words are repeated, that it is immaculately presented and there are no grammatical errors. 

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Now, let us revisit some of the dos and don’ts of essay writing 


1.     You should first of all ensure that the essays are easy to read. In order to present a competent essay, the professor should be able to skim through the essay without any issues. Thus, clear cut structuring and proper alignment is crucial. Since, in essays you cannot add tables or list, structuring can become tricky. 

2.    Inclusion of a proper thesis statement is must. It introduces the essay and prepares the reader for what is coming next. 

3.    Use of transition statements is also recommended. Students should use sentences like “Irrespective of the argument presented above...” or “In relation to the argument presented in the thesis statement”, “Contrary to the previous argument”, “In order to enhance the point mentioned in the second argument”. With the aid of these statements, the degree of accuracy of the statement is improved considerably. 

4.    Citing examples is also primary when essay writing is concerned. With the aid of evidences the argument’s accuracy gets enhanced. 


1.    You should not overwhelm the essay with evidences and facts without giving proper arguments 

2.    Do not neglect formatting. Maintenance of proper size of page, margins, font size and type, etc is important. 

3.    Avoid plagiarism. It is important for you to present authentic original essay in order to score high marks. 

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