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Essay Topics For Presentation To Impress The Audience

In the university students are assigned many academic tasks such as essays, dissertations and assignments and so on. They play a significant role in their academic life because they are graded according to it.  There are many issues that students face while working on the academic document. These issues include a lack of knowledge of the structure and format of the document. Also, less knowledge of the guidelines of the essay is a factor that affects the academic performance of the document. Usually, students lack the knowledge of what academic document to go for. Below is an excerpt explaining the meaning of the essay.

What is an essay?

An essay is an analytic, interpretative or critical piece of write-up, that is short, less systematic and formal than a dissertation or thesis. An essay requires more arguments, statistics and data to present in the write-up.  An essay is an important part of university because it increases understanding and helps in the process of learning of the student. It is because an essay helps you present your views and sort out ideas and information to analyse source material and exercise critical judgement. 

What are the ways to write a good essay?

A good essay is essential to score flawless grades. But students fail to do so because they lack the guidelines to write an academic essay. Below are a few guidelines to write a good essay: -

 1 - Question Analysis

 As an essay requires you to answer a certain question therefore you need to analyse the question first. Make sure to write what is exactly being asked of you. Professional information on the topic as much as you want is essential so make sure to add as much information as you can.

2 - Clearly Define Your Argument

As you plan to write your essay analyse the topic of the research and think what your argument is going to be. After choosing the right argument, have a clear idea of it in your mind. Give a brief intro of it in the write-up so that the readers good get to know about it and be interested in reading your write-up further. 

3 - Use evidence and figures

In an essay use proper facts and figures so that the readers have the information of its credibility. Fill in your data with a lot of information that includes evidence, reasoning and scholarship. Evidence would include concrete information to support your write-up. 

4 - Coherent essay

Ensure to keep the essay in a structured and organised manner to gain good scores. An organized essay is essential to gain good grades. There are separate scores for the document’s presentability which is why it is vital to write a structure that is organized. 

5 - Write in an easy language

It is essential to write your essay in clear professional language. It should be written in a proper professional manner so that readers should like reading it. The language used should be concise and structured that should include everything starting from information to data and evidence.  

6 - Use of citations

The use of citations is another way to show that your document is credible. Citations are essential and carry their scores. Students use several sources while writing their essays. All of those lines are marked with citations so that the reader can know about its exact resources if they want to know more about it. 

What are the ways to write a good essay

Some of the best Argumentative Essay Topics for the year 2023

What are the various types of essays?

Essays are one of the common academic tasks that students are assigned at the university. There are various types of essays whose knowledge students should have so that they can pick the right essay type according to the topic:-

Argumentative essay

Argumentative essays are one of essays that presents an extended,evidence–based argument. It requires a strong thesis statement that clearly defines the stance of your topic. Such kinds of essays test your ability to research and the way you present your position on a topic. In this kind of essay, the main body usually portrays evidence and arguments. It focuses more on the arguments that the writer presents in the write-up.   

Expository Essay

An expository essay is an essay that is an essay that talks about a problem to compare and explore it. This kind of essay has a little bit of storytelling but the main idea of it is to give a detailed explanation of the idea. An expository write-up should be simple and easy to understand as well as giving a variety of viewpoints on the subject that is being discussed. 

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay will describe the topic in great detail. It can be any subject from people to places and objects but the main objective of it is to go in-depth. A descriptive essay should be as descriptive as it can starting from its smell, taste and how it looks and so on.

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is written in a storytelling manner from a particular point of view. When writing a narrative essay make sure to include an interesting setting, characters, location, a good plot and a climax to the story. 

Definition Essay

These are the types of essays that define a term or idea. These essays examine complex or abstract topics and provide detailed explanations after a thorough analysis.

Process Essay

It is another type of exposition that describes how something how it works. Process essays can be written in chronological order to maintain their organisation and clarity. The main body of this essay describes each step in chronological order. Using transitional words all of it is maintained in an order that follows a process. 

Compare and contrast essays

These types of essays discuss the two subjects and discuss the similarities and differences between them. These essays include an introduction and paragraphs. One paragraph that includes the similarities between two topics and the other one differences. Such essays are common in academic documents. These are one of the interesting essays for the students. 

Cause and effect essays

Cause and effect are the types of essays that describe the events and situations in detail. It explains in detail why certain situation has led to another. Writers write about the clear connection between the two sets of events or circumstances and explain what features of the subsequent events have been created.

Critical essays

Critical essays offer a thorough examination of a subject. They may offer criticism of works of art, novels, films, plays, or eateries. They are a common assignment in college classes, those in the humanities and literature, as a tool to gauge students' capacity for critical thought and for locating evidence within a particular piece of writing that supports their claims. Critical essays support their opinions with evidence from the subject. 

9 different types of essay

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What is an Essay?

An essay is an analytic , interpretative or critical literary composition that is short and formal that students of the university are assigned as a part of their university course.

What is the importance of Essay?

Essays are important for the educational process. It encourages students to think critically on material outside of the classroom. They hone their research abilities and strengthen their arguments. They value education and broaden their knowledge of different disciplines.