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Essay Formatting Tips To Score Higher

Most students begin writing the essay even without fully understanding the topic, as a result, they end up with lower credit. Despite conducting thorough research and preparing a stronger thesis statement, if you still cannot score an A+ in your essay assignments then you must need to improve in the formatting department. Presenting the ultimate essay help guide, this post provides useful tips to score higher in essay assignments.

Today, we will discuss the challenges and the secrets of formatting. Let’s find out, how to revive the lacking substance from your essay and how to score higher every time.

Why is essay formatting so challenging?

If you ever got a remark that your essay needs “improvement” pay attention to the challenges listed below. Maybe one of these can be the underlying reason behind your failed attempt to impress the tutor.

  • Citation errors: There are different types of citation styles, such as APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago. Each style has different rules for essay formatting. Sometimes students get confused and make mistakes.

  • Spacing errors: Essay assignments have multiple paragraphs, therefore correct margins and spacing are essential to ensure an impressive presentation. Most students ignore such rules and face serious consequences.

  • Heading errors: If an essay assignment requires multiple subheadings under the heading, then it becomes quite confusing for many students. If you are one of them, then keep on reading. We will discuss the right way to add headings and subheadings in an essay assignment.

  • Title page errors: In case you are not familiar with the formatting required for the title page, it is highly likely that you have to compromise your grades. Never ignore the importance of formatting the title page, it is the first chance to make a lasting impression on your tutor.

Why is essay formatting so challenging?

How to format an essay correctly?

The essay formatting challenges listed in the above section are very common. It is important to read the style guide before approaching an assignment. If you are not sure about any formatting rules, follow the guide shared here to format your essay like expert essay editing services.

Formatting requirements: The first and foremost rule of formatting is to understand the requirement. Read the instructions carefully and try to follow them. Pay attention to the section where formatting rules are mentioned about

  • Page length

  • Citation style

  • Margin size

  • Font size and style

  • Spacing

  • Page numbering

Font: If the font is not mentioned in the style guide, resist the urge to use a large-sized fancy font just to increase the page length. The standard font size for academic writing is 12 and the most readable fonts for this purpose are Times New Roman, Arial and Calibri.

Margin and spacing: For professional-looking essays, always use a one-inch margin on all sides of the page. Make sure to add enough spacing between the essay lines, so that tutors can easily add comments.

Citation: Plagiarism has serious consequences, therefore it is important to give credit to the sources correctly. Citation style needs to be followed in every essay assignment. If you are clueless about the difference between APA, Harvard or MLA style referencing, then hire essay editing services to attain peace of mind.

Headings: In case headings and subheadings are needed in the essay assignment, make sure to use the correct font size for the purpose. Don’t make the headings too large in size and avoid making them too small. The subheadings should be readable but should be smaller in size compared to the headings. You can also use the tool to add a table of contents which will automatically adjust the font size for headings and subheadings.

Title page:  The title page should be error-free because it is the first chance to make an impression on the tutor. The key contents for the title page are the student name, the title of the essay, the course name, and the date. Keep it minimal and rest assured.

Proofreading: Formatting errors can be found easily when you thoroughly proofread the assignment. Once you are done editing, pay attention to the below aspects to find any kind of inconsistencies:

  • Spelling and grammar errors

  • Thought organization

  • Readability and overall coherence

High-scoring tips for essay assignments?

You are not alone you feel that no matter how hard you try you can never score higher in essay assignments. Thousands of students take essay help to submit compelling assignments. Expert help is needed to overcome the inconsistencies of brainstorming, research, thought organization, essay outline, formatting and of course proofreading.

  • If you want to score higher, make sure to begin with a clear, concise and strong thesis statement.

  • Dedicate enough time to prepare a thesis statement that is academically relevant.

  • Prepare an essay outline and conduct thorough research to find ample supporting evidence.

  • Stats and logic improve the readability of an essay but don’t forget the importance of formatting and editing.

High-scoring tips for essay assignments?

Is it worth paying for essay editing services?

Despite having adequate research material available, if you cannot score higher in essay writing assignments, probably you need expert guidance.

Those who are new to citation guidelines or formatting styles must not make errors and compromise grades. Hiring an essay editor is totally worth it. These professionals can help you meet deadlines and score higher. You can easily understand complex essay topics and also improve your academic writing skills when you have an essay expert by your side.


If you want to improve the quality of your essay, pay attention to the formatting challenges shared above. Focus on areas where your tutor expects improvement or get in touch with Essay Typist. It is one of the top-rated essay editing services that offer assignment writing guidance for various academic levels. It is also one of the most trusted CV writing services, where students can take the advantage of a fresh set of eyes to improve the quality of their writing.


What should be the format of an essay?

Generally, the format of an essay includes a title page, an introduction with a thesis statement, body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph. For general formatting guides, it is best to refer to the university guidelines.

How to format an essay?

Understand the formatting requirements like font type, font size, margins and spacing. Make sure to adhere to the writing guide and dedicate enough time for proofreading to format the essay just as expected by your tutor.

What are the benefits of essay editing services?

Many students face difficulties due to back-to-back assignment deadlines. Those who cannot find inconsistencies in their essays due to lack of time can refer to essay editing services. Expert guidance is beneficial for correcting grammar, logic, coherence as well as formatting mistakes.