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Best Tips To Prepare For IELTS Exam

ILETS helps colleges and universities identify the proficiency levels of students in English subjects. This is one of the key reasons why many top colleges and universities abroad anticipate good scores in IELTS from international students. With this, a question pops into mind what is the best way for preparing for IELTS exams?  In this, just finding the correct resources for the IELTS exam is not enough one require also to perform effective academic preparation.

A good IELTS preparation rises your chances of achieving good marks in the exam and develops confidence. Therefore to make this process easy for you, in the blog, we have covered everything that you require to know about the preparation for the IELTS exam, IELTS general preparations, exam preparation for the IELTS exam online, etc.

How to do IELTS Exam Preparation at Home?

With the ease of your home, you can do preparation for IELTS general. The first thing towards the preparation for IELTS is understanding each section of the paper and the IELTS test. With this, let’s discuss some ways to do the academic preparation for IELTS at home:

  • Know your IELTS test: Understanding the distinctions of the test will help you be on track to organize for the IELTS test.
  • Understand the question types and different sections: Know the speaking, listening, writing and reading sections of IELTS and also form out the types of questions that you are going to answer. Preparing for this will help you to answer easily and swiftly.
  • Read: Develop the habit of reading journals, newspapers, novels and magazines. In addition to this also study books on English grammar to jerk your writing skills and grammar.
  • Practice speaking/ quizzing with peers: Do mock interviews with friends, discuss common topics and allow the people to observe your way of presenting thoughts, opinions and facts. With this, discuss with people if your expression on the topic is apt.
  • Perform IELTS practice tests: Doing as many practice tests before the final test of IELTS is an excellent way to master your paper. This will help you be habitual in speed-reading, speaking confidently, listening mindfully and writing with flair. Each of the following actions will make you effective. 
  • Engage yourself in English-based activities: Have fun-grope with your family and friends or spend some time doing the activities that will help you in preparing for your exam. Acclimatize to the pleasing method of play-way learning.

How do preparation for IELTS for the listening section?

Certifying you cater to all segments during the IELTS preparation. In the listening section of IELTS, you are required to listen to 4 recorded audio cautiously and answer the given questions. With this, to prepare for the listening section of the IELTS study the below-mentioned points:

How do preparation for IELTS for the listening section?

  • Listen to every word carefully
  • Develop the habit of making mind maps, quick notes and selecting sticks to answer
  • Dismiss all assumptions and distractions
  • Reply to the answers with the given word limit
  • Make yourself well with punctuation and spelling

How to do preparation for IELTS for the writing section?

The next step in the preparation for IELTS is you must concentrate on the writing part. This is one of the difficult sections of the exam. For preparing for the IELTS writing section, you have to write two well-written articles. As a student make sure that you make yourself with the academic IELTS writing section.

With this, in the first task of writing, you needed to write a description of a condition, process, chart, image or graph. For this, understand adjectives and practice other guidelines such as:      

  • Learn to make simple evocative sentences
  • Do practice writing at least 150 words in 15 minutes
  • Work on your spelling mistakes
  • Polish your skills in writing

 In addition to this, for the second task, you are required to present an informative debate in the form of an article. Along with working on the topic, you will have to present views and pointers on the bidden subtopics. To do this task, certify you perform the below-mentioned tips:

  • Read and develop writing lengthy essays.
  • Develop the habit of writing at least 300 words in 30 minutes.
  • Keep a check on your spelling, punctuation and grammar.

How to prepare for the IELTS reading section?

The next IELTS preparation that you require to concentrate on is the reading section. Read the given IELTS paragraphs to answer the questions. Doing reading comprehension questions needs you to interpret, comprehend and understand answers. For this perform speed reading and the below-mentioned tips:

  • Keep your mind open while reading the paragraphs to gauge answers directly.
  • Read journals, newspapers, and magazines.
  • Keep your mind open for understanding and punctuations the text appropriately.

Tips for the Preparation for IELTS Speaking Section    

Preparing for the IELTS speaking section requires being efficient in English, formation of sentences and narratives display a chief role. The speaking test IELTS consists of a face-to-face interview with the examiner. So in this, present yourself best and be well-dressed. With this for this test, you can work on the following things:

  • Make a creative introduction to define yourself
  • Take Participation in debates
  • Instil the habit of kindly greeting your interviewer
  • Practice pretence your ideas in a polite manner
  • With this, also work on your body language as it plays a significant role in communication. Therefore make sure you give your interview with extreme courtesy.

Conclusive Statement

Scoring good marks on your IELTS can help you in certifying your process of admission to the top international universities. With this, if you need admission essay writing help from professionals you are free to contact Essay Typist.


Can doing they preparation for the IELTS general test is possible in ten days?

Yes, it is possible to do the preparation for the IELTS general test in ten days. With this, it is suggested to perform the preparation for this exam months before as it provides you time to perform multiple tests, clear doubts, etc.

Is doing the preparation for the IELTS academic test in one week possible?

For the preparation for the IELTS academic test, one week is not sufficient as it consists of various steps. With this, it is best to start its preparation early to learn and understand everything and be confident.

Can I perform only a specific IELTS exam in which I score low marks?

Yes, you can do so. As per the current rules of 2023, students are allowed to give only those exams in which they have scored low marks instead of giving the whole exam of IELTS.