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5 Do's And Don'ts: Writing An Article Critique

How do people become professional critics? When people are dissatisfied with something, they start pointing out errors and start showing awareness of each issue from a very professional level, so that is how people become critics. In many cases people have good experience of criticizing, it is better to say that people are only critics from their point of view. In this field of critics’ people criticize wrong issues on the facts and arguments from their opinion. There are many critiques we can meet at the school, colleges and universities during our study. There is a professional critique for help and understanding things and to make it clear for most learners. They help the students in Article Critique Writing.

What is an Article Critique?

A specific type of Academic Writing is article critique which critically evaluates every article with detailed analysis and then delivers it in the form of a summary. It has become easy for the audience to understand the viewpoint or ideas of the author and understand his intentions better when the audience reads any expert critique. Additionally, such critiques help to reveal the weaknesses and points of strength of the paper from a different perspective.

The general requirement is that such article critique must be written in formal language and follow a particular structure. It is similar to other writings, it must contain an introduction, body paragraphs with few headings and a conclusion. It has quite a typical form and has some particular style. The experts who have good intense knowledge of the subject only they can able to understand the assignment at the top level. We are going to discuss in this article the do’s and don’ts if you want to write a good article critique. But you can also take our Assignment writing Help to write a quality article critique.

What is an Article Critique

Here are the Do’s

Identify the background and purpose

The first piece of advice is that, start writing your article critique by identifying the article; like the title, date of publication, author, source, volume, and issues of the publication. It is very important to recognize the article's idea and then write the article briefly on your idea.

Identify the audience

Organizing a piece may vary which depend upon the audience, it is very important to identify the intended audience, either academics or the people who are working in the industry and even the general public. The articles are not that technical and are generally written for the general public.


It is important that both the weakness and strengths of the work balance out the critique. It is important to remember that the critique should not be biased. When you take into consideration various perspectives, it will help your critique to be more balanced.

Exploring the evidence

You must be considered the quality of the evidence that you are using in your article. Look for evidence that is similar to the other sources available and then decide whether that is relevant enough to support the main points of your article. If you see that the other articles are not supporting your viewpoint then don’t consider them to cite a credible source.

Must follow a specific structure

Your writing must be according to a specific structure, begin writing your article with a summary of your main idea, and then discuss the weakness and strengths of the article. In the conclusion statement, conclude your viewpoint on the topic of the article.

Here are the Do’s

The don’ts

Don’t go against the rules of referencing

Universities accept several types of standard styles of referencing. Choose any one from the referencing styles if your university didn’t specifically mention one, which includes APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard and follow it in your writing.

Remember not to cite data from any unreliable sources

While picking up any source of information is very careful. You must rely on the sources which are trustworthy, such as journal articles, books, research papers, etc. You must avoid some websites with citations like Wikipedia; the information of Wikipedia is used by millions of students.

Unsupported arguments should not be present

When you are writing an article critique your critiques must be objective and must support credible evidence and not emotions or instinct. It is not about your liking, but you have to prove why.

Not to summarize too much

You need to remember that critique is not a summary, so don’t waste your word limit of the article on just a summary. You just have to present a brief background and focus on the arguments.

Proofread is must

After so much hard, it will not be worth it if you lose marks because of some typographical mistakes or grammatical errors. So, that’s why you must revise and must proofread your work before submitting it. Most watch for your word limit.

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The don’ts


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What are the 4 things that should be in a critique paper?

The 4 distinct and important components of critique are:

  • Introduction.
  • Summary
  • Critique
  • Conclusion

What are the 4 rules of critique?

Analyze, describe, interpret, and evaluate. You can recognize your thoughts and state your opinion thoroughly if you break your critique into these categories.

What are the 7 qualities of a critique?

A good critic must have the following characteristics; articulateness must have the ability to use language which has a higher level of appeal and skill. It is also important must have sensitivity, sympathy and critics, the following should also be considered medium, form, and style.